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What if we could hand-select the perfect business-building strategy for you (and put to rest all the overwhelm, second-guessing, and self-doubt?)

My 8-week, 1:1 coaching program that blends years of experience in business strategy with the intuitive guidance of the Tarot to find the perfect way to scale your business  

(even if you’ve never heard of the Tarot before, or you don’t consider yourself down with the “woo”).

Let's Build Your Biz YOUR Way ➞

I see you, sweet soul. I see you working your booty off in order to help more people in your business.

And I know it’s because you feel that tug in your soul for more. 

More clients to impact. More income to support you and your family. More joy and ease and flow in your business and life. 

And so here you are, doing all the things that should bring you massive success in your business like…

  • Following in the footsteps of alllll the experts and doing exactly what they do (because if it worked for them, it should work for you, right?).

  • Immersing yourself in tons of marketing courses because you know how important the right strategies are, and you really, really want your business to grow.

  • Focusing on all the latest social media platforms and techniques in an attempt to find more clients and attract the income and impact you’ve alway wanted.

  • So why is it that even though you’re doing all the “right things,” you’re still not in front of an adoring audience who can’t wait to work with you, and you’re not earning what you know you’re capable of earning?

    Is it really possible to attract more abundance into your business and life without working yourself ragged and feeling like you “have” to do business a certain way?


    Yes. Yes it is.

    Can I let you in on a little secret, my friend?

    There is no “right way” to grow your business.  

    In fact, trying to find the one right way is probably what has you feeling so overwhelmed, stuck, and full of self-doubt -- because while you’re busy focusing on strategy (which is important!), you’re ignoring your unique magic. 

    The truth is, getting more clients and bringing more income and impact to your business is a byproduct of you being your most authentic self. 

    Which means the key to growing your business isn’t just having a solid strategy -- it’s finding what works for YOU, based on your wants and needs, your energy. 

    How do YOU want to show up? What type of business do YOU want to build? What should YOUR messaging reflect and how should YOU share it? 

    Think of it this way:

  • When you take an all-strategy approach to your business without getting clear on YOUR authentic gifts, it’s like you’re covering yourself in layers of all the things you’re told will make a difference...

    ...but because they aren’t right for you they cloud your light and keep the power of who you really are muted.

    When you're in that place, all the strategies in the world won't help you attract success because YOU aren't shining through.

    But when you can move through your business in a way that feels like home to you, it’s like magic.

    It shifts your energy, lights you up, and you become magnetic in everything you do.

    The result?

    You can’t help but attract everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

    Sweet friend, it’s time to make a shift.

    You’ve got to get in tune with what feels right to you so you can approach your business in a more aligned way.  

    It’s time to get crystal clear on what business strategies will work for YOUR unique self.

    Because that’s the key to earning consistently without overwhelm or feeling like you’re shoving yourself into a box you don’t belong in.  

    Now you just need the right tools to make it happen. ;)

    My 8-week, 1:1 coaching program that blends years of experience in business strategy with the intuitive guidance of the Tarot to find the perfect way to scale your business 

    (even if you’ve never heard of the Tarot before, or you don’t consider yourself down with the “woo”)

    I'm ready to do this MY way ➞

    It’s time for a business (and confidence!) makeover. And I’m here to help you do it. 

    Have you ever wished someone would just tell you, step-by-step, what to do to reach your business goals? 

    And I’m not talking about the steps that work for them, but ones that make sense for YOU.

    That’s exactly what this 1:1 program is all about.

    I’m here to help you identify what’s holding you back and align your business strategy with your true self so you can get your offers and sales systems running in a way that feels authentic, GOOD, and actually brings you consistent and reliable income.

    The tarot cards allow me to intuitively tap into your energy and guide you on what we need to shift in your messaging, mindset & sales strategies so you can finally release what isn’t serving you and step into a completely aligned and abundant way of growing your business.

    We then blend the tarot insight with hand selected, proven marketing methods so you take rapid action that feels EASY.

    Wondering what's in store for you in Aligned Income Leap?

    I've helped my clients build the foundation for multi 6- and 7-figure business empires and I cannot wait to be part of your journey!

    Join me in an 8 week intensive that will open the door to renewed passion, motivation and massive up-leveling.

    Three, 45 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions 

    This is where we’ll dive deep into what’s working in your business and what isn’t, and how to create a business that feels great to you.

    Whether it’s addressing personal blocks or implementing a strategy, these sessions are geared toward helping you step into your most aligned self so you can take confident action.

    Want to run a webinar? I’ll fling my high-converting psych-based template your way. Frustrated because your sales calls are awkward and aren’t closing? I’ll walk you through my high-converting call structure to book clients with ease and grace.

    Feel like no one is listening to you? I’ll help you hone your message so people stop dead in their tracks because you FINALLY have their attention. 

    Whatever YOU need, we’ll work through it together. 

    Three, 30 min Custom Deep Dive Recorded Tarot Readings

    Wait, the tarot? Uhhhh isn't that kinda woo? Sure, if you see it that way. ;-) 

    But let me tell you, the intuitive insight I can gain into your current situation and how to shift you to your next level is insane balls.

    It's part of the secret sauce I use to catapult my clients into next level results rapidly. My powerful tarot spreads hold the keys to your business success.

    You don’t have time to waste – you want to know right now what’s holding you back and what you need to do to fix it, STAT.

    With the tarot in hand, I get insight and guidance in a rapid way to reveal your hidden roadblocks and what you need to do to shift into more money, with more ease.

    Video trainings and worksheets 

    Our number one goal is to slingshot you to your next level #stat.

    That means between sessions you'll be supported with step by step trainings and action steps so you never have to second guess what to focus on or prioritize.

    We’ll pick the trainings based off of our tarot and coaching sessions so you know exactly how to reach your goals without having to wonder if what you’re doing is really going to work.

    This allows us to spend our 1:1 sessions working most efficiently at the HIGHEST level while ensuring you are fully supported in the days between.

    Here's What My Clients Are Saying...

    "My revenue doubled"

    "I always thought I was missing something and I never knew what that was until I met Colleen. I’ve learned to just be me and do me. My whole being, business and personal has done a total 180. I just am so excited about my future. What Colleen has done for me is beyond anything I could repay her."

    Lori Chaput

    "Confidence & Clarity"

    "When I first met Colleen, I was stuck in a job that just was soul sucking. And now I work for myself from wherever I want around the world, whether it's at the beach house or someplace else. When I am fulfilling my purpose, that is when I am most valuable to the world.”

    Beth Meltzer

    "I have a 6 Figure Biz now"

    "Colleen has an extraordinary gift to guide you to create lasting change in your business and life. With her support I built a six figure business, improved my relationships and feel so in love with my life. Soaking up her wisdom and insight is everything. Don’t hesitate. Just do it.""

    Kelli Mitchell

    While this unique one-on-one coaching will be $3500, for a short time I am offering it an exclusive price. 

    And when I say a limited time, I mean a very limited number of spots. Right now, you can join this 8-week, 1:1 experience for just $1400 (or two payments of $800). 

    Because this is the first time I’m formally offering a 1:1 coaching experience that blends tarot AND business strategy, I wanted to do a little something special.

    Besides, I know what it’s like to be nervous to invest in yourself — especially if you’ve been taking every program under the sun and haven’t seen results. 

    There’s nothing like this out there, my friend.

    Inside this experience, you’re not just getting access to content that is hand-selected based on your unique magic and business goals… 

    … you’re also getting the feedback, insight, and accountability from my eyes in your world.

    You are fully supported and held here. And I cannot wait to see what happens when you step into an authentic business model.


    or two monthly installments of $800

    Join Now ➞

    Still wondering if Aligned Income Leap is right for you?

    Do you want to...

  • Get complete clarity on your next steps so you can confidently book new clients and sell more programs

  • Identify what’s working (and what’s not), so you can let go of what’s holding you back

  • Tune into who you are so you can align your approach and systems in a more authentic way

  • Stop following the countless shoulds of the marketing world (they’ve never felt right to you and have you constantly second-guessing yourself) and shift into using business strategies and energetic guidance that allow you to work your best way

  • Bottom line, my friend: if you’re ready to uplevel in a way that brings you more consistent and reliable sales and do it in a way that actually feels good to you, Aligned Income Leap gives you everything you need to get there.

    I'm ready to do this MY way ➞

    Here are some results my clients have gotten by working with me in an 8 week intensive:

  • Pre-selling 58 people into a yet to be created course within a week (with 4 more weeks of pre-sell time to go) - NO ads, just free Facebook promotion

  • From foreclosing on a home and no job to manifesting a high paying admin assistant contract on Wall Street

  • Bringing in $10,900 by spontaneously offering a course to a list of ~2000 people and promoting it in 2 groups (no fancy funnel, no ads)

  • Receiving an offer to turn a book into a screenplay (her dream)

  • Going from invisible to having FB adverts that convert crazy cheap (after ads not working for the longest time)

  • I know a coaching mentorship like this is different from what you've seen, so you may have a few questions for me, like...

    How is this coaching program different from all the others available?

    So many other programs focus solely on strategy. The problem is that strategy is only one piece of the puzzle, my friend. Especially because at the end of the day… any marketing tactic or business-building strategy could work. 

    Aligned Income Leap is designed to help you get clarity around how YOU should show up in your business based on your true self. With that clarity in mind, we’ll then hand-pick the strategies and tactics you’ll need to reach your goals in a way that feels good and is easy. 

    I’ve never had a Tarot Reading before — how does it work?

    If it’s new to you, Tarot can sound a little woo… but you’ll be amazed by the clarity it brings you! 

    The tarot is a deck of 78 cards that have various symbols, imagery and meaning. We ask a question (see the next FAQ for details on what we ask) and I tune into your energy while shuffling and then lay down the cards.

    I intuitively read the messages so we amp up your natural magnetism and dial in your optimal messaging and sales strategies.

    To me the tarot isn't about predicting your future. It's a highly effective tool that allows us to uncover what you need to do to CREATE the future you want.

    So it’s not “When will I make more money?” and the tarot spits out an answer. It’s what do we need to shift so you DO make more money.

    You really CAN have what you want and I'll help you (finally) find the path there.

    Can you tell me more about your tarot biz spreads and what they cover?

    Of course! Here are the main spreads we use to gain insight:

    Why are more people not buying?

    Ready to pull your hair out? Can’t make any sense of the lacklustre results? Let’s dive deep and uncover what’s going on with your audience -- how they actually feel about your product, what’s keeping them from buying, what they think will happen if they do buy, how to make your offer more desirable and improve sales + MUCH more! 

    What can I do to significantly increase my sales volume?

    Ever wonder WHY some people are waitlisted with clients, their courses sell out, or it seems like everyone engages and drools over all their stuff? We’ll uncover how to increase your magnetism by uncovering what your SECRET sauce is, what you need to start doing more of, what you need to do less of plus insight, how you're being perceived by your audience and more!.

    How can I shift Into greater money flow?

    Wondering where the money is at? This spread reveals oodles of insight into what’s blocking you from earning bigger, your resentments and desires, plus your hidden fears. We’ll also peek into what you need to be and do more of to align with cash. This mindset spread will power up your results big time!

    I have a lot on my plate right now. Is this the right time for me?

    The Aligned Income Leap is about getting you on the right track by tuning into your truth so you can stop wasting your time and efforts on the things that aren’t working for you.  

    When your actions are aligned with your energy, and you understand deeply what needs to shift both in your mindset and biz stratgy, you’ll find you have more time than you thought you had! ;-)

    It’s time to answer that call for MORE, lovebug.

    I know you feel like you’re doing everything right, but getting the wrong results. It feels like there can’t be a strategy you haven't tried, or at least any that still feel good to you.

    And I also know YOU have a passion and a purpose that’s being dulled by all the things that are holding you back — limiting beliefs, misaligned strategies, and just feeling like who you are isn’t shining through anymore.

    But the truth is, friend, you have everything inside of you to step into this next level of yourself and your business. You just need a bit of help unearthing it! 

    I’m here to help you come back to your true self so you can’t help but attract everything you deserve.

    Together let’s uncover your most aligned business strategies so you can move forward with unstoppable confidence and clarity.

    I'm ready, Colleen! ➞

    More Client Love...

    "I am fully booked out"

    "Transitioning my business online was super overwhelming and daunting for me. I am so grateful to Colleen for all her brilliant insight and guidance. I am now fully booked out a month ahead on the regular. 

    Sukkie Sandhu

    "Call me a HUGE Success Story"

    "Colleen, LIFE JUST GOT BIG.. and I FEEL SUPER confident about it (not afraid, just ready). You could call ME a HUUUUUGE success story. So, thank you for showing up and trusting YOUR own intuitive nudges and building your empire so that I could learn from you and build mine""

    Malia Shields

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